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Computational Scientist 

About Quanta Therapeutics

Quanta is a venture-backed therapeutics discovery company using allosteric modulation to target previously undruggable driver oncogenes. Supported by blue-chip investors, our passionate and experienced scientific team employs proprietary techniques and cutting-edge approaches to identify novel small molecule candidates for first-in-class cancer therapies.

We Are Seeking

Looking for a computational scientist with experience in information sciences, specifically in cheminformatics, molecular modeling, structure-based drug design and electronic data management. The candidate will be a member of of our project teams, and will apply computational chemistry, cheminformatics, datamining and medicinal chemistry design principles to support our drug discovery efforts. The candidate will work closely with other team members in our Medicinal Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biology groups and help drive the workflow of our lead discovery, optimization, and development activities.

Your Role:

  • Structure and ligand-based compound design, molecular docking, virtual screening, and library design.
  • Cheminformatics techniques for assay data integration, SAR visualization, molecular docking, pharmacophore development, library design and HTS analysis.
  • Chemical tractability assessment techniques and prediction of compound physicochemical and ADME properties to aid in compound design and selection.
  • Data/laboratory management systems, such as Dotmatics and associated modules (Browser, Nucleus, Studies, Inventory, Gateway).

Your Qualifications:

  • Ph.D. or equivalent in Chemistry, Biochemistry, or related discipline, with 5-7 years experience and solid knowledge of computational chemistry and medicinal chemistry principles.
  • Practical, working experience with data visualization software, such as Vortex or Spotfire, as well as with other computational chemistry software, such as those from Pymol, OpenEye, RDKit, Pandas, Schrödinger, Chemical Computer Group.
  • Significant experience in computational techniques, such as molecular docking, pharmacophore development, library design and analysis, QSAR, and protein-ligand simulations.
  • Familiarity with programming using Python, SQL, Java and AI/ML is a plus.
  • Strong interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills.

To Apply

Interested applicants, please send resume to:

Quanta Therapeutics Is An Equal Opportunity Employer

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