Developing best-in-class allosteric inhibitors for RAS-driven cancers

Leading the Next Wave of Innovation in KRAS Therapy

We are developing allosteric small molecules to target previously undruggable RAS mutations in difficult to treat cancers, including lung, colon and pancreatic cancer. KRAS inhibitors have been developed to target the KRAS G12C mutation, but these therapies are limited to only around ten percent of KRAS-driven cancers and are currently only approved for non-small cell lung cancer patients in later lines of therapy.

We are focused on modulation of RAS signaling at the cell membrane to broaden the scope of treatable RAS-driven cancers. We are applying deep biologic insight, unique protein conformation detection technology and sophisticated medicinal chemistry expertise to develop best-in-class oral small molecules with the potential to lead this next wave of innovation in KRAS therapy.

Our Leadership

Our leadership team has an unwavering commitment to helping patients with difficult-to-treat cancers

We are led by an experienced team who are leaders in RAS biology and expert medicinal chemists. The Quanta team brings together a scientific foundation based on discovery research from RAS signaling pioneers with extensive oncology-focused small molecule translational and clinical development experience. Collectively, our leadership team has contributed to the discovery, development, approval, and launch of multiple biopharmaceutical medicines.

Leadership Team

Perry Nisen, MD PhD
Chief Executive Officer

Cameron Pitt, PhD
Chief Operating Officer

Leonardo Faoro, MD, MBA
Chief Medical Officer

Hong Lin, PhD
SVP of Drug Discovery

Juan Luengo, PhD
SVP of Chemistry

Derek Metzger
SVP Corporate Strategy and Operations

Tina Woo
VP, Head of Development Operations

Mike Kramer
VP, Head of Scientific Operations

Elizabeth Donohue Vo, PhD
Sr Dir. of Biology

David H. Rominger
Sr. Dir. of Nonclinical Drug Development

Board of Directors

Samuel Saks, MD

Perry Nisen, MD PhD
CEO, Director

Cameron Pitt, PhD
COO, Director

Maha Katabi, PhD

Arjun Goyal, MD

Maria Fardis, PhD MBA

Ying Huang, PhD

Scientific Advisory Board

Frank McCormick, PhD FRS

Andrej Sali, PhD

Ben Cravatt, PhD

Phil Baran, PhD


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Our Pipeline

Our pipeline aims to address a broad spectrum of RAS-driven cancers

Despite the approval of KRAS G12C inhibitors, there remains a large patient population that may benefit from inhibition of other RAS mutations, particularly KRAS G12D and KRAS G12V, which are highly prevalent in cancers of the colon, pancreas and lung.

pipeline graphic

pipeline graphic

Quanta’s orally bioavailable, CNS-penetrant KRAS inhibitors

Our pipeline includes multiple KRAS inhibitor programs from distinct chemical series, including our lead assets, a multi-KRAS candidate (QTX3034) and a G12D-selective candidate (QTX3046). We are also progressing G12V-preferring multi-KRAS molecules and will select a development candidate by the end of 2023. In preclinical studies, our candidates have demonstrated potent, selective, oral, CNS-penetrant properties. These data support the potential for our pipeline to significantly expand the scope of treatable KRAS-mutated cancers with direct, oral therapies.

Quanta’s novel RAF1 discovery program

Our unique conformation-sensitive Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) assays enable direct allosteric modulation of the active RAS-RAF1 membrane signaling complex to selectively target a broad spectrum of RAS-driven tumors with the potential for kinase-independent synthetic lethality. Quanta’s oral small molecule lead candidates have displayed in vivo proof-of-concept.

Our Platform


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Our proprietary Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) platform is a high-throughput optical technology capable of measuring subtle changes in protein conformation for allosteric drug discovery. This enables the functional, structure-based discovery of small molecules that target previously “undruggable” signaling complexes.


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We then apply skilled medicinal chemistry approaches to novel, drug-like scaffolds to optimize lead compounds that demonstrate potent, selective inhibition of cancer cell signaling and attractive physicochemical properties.


Career Opportunities

We believe that everyone at Quanta plays a vital role in bringing best-in-class cancer medicines to patients in need

When we set out to make a superior class of medicines to address RAS-driven cancers, we intentionally created a work environment that was designed to foster that mission. A place where incredibly talented individuals are empowered to do their best work. As Quanta continues to grow, we will be guided by the principles that define us and we hope that they will serve each new employee who joins our team.

We are seeking highly motivated drug-hunters to join our passionate and experienced scientific team.

There are no positions available at this time.